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Best Boating Destinations in and around Delhi

Our capital city, Delhi harbors a long list for intriguing sites for all its visitors. The capital knows how to keep the interest of its visitors occupied. From renowned monuments of the past to mouth watering street chats, the charm of the city cannot be easily captured within the string of words or phrases. Along with an unmatched reputation, the city holds a special place in the hearts of boating enthusiasts. With a few distinguish boating options, the city promises a refreshing experience. Read more ›

Promising Travel Trends

World seems nothing other than a scenario of trends and events. In some relevant contexts the concept of Trends can safely be considered as a prime reason behind an invention. A similar theory also fits perfectly on our most intriguing subject “Traveling”. The world of traveling also experiences the presence of trends which later turn into must do activities. With the arrival of various new and attractive trends, today’s yatri wants to stay trendy while being on the road. Read more ›

The Kaziranga Safari

Waking up at the crack of dawn is never a fun thing but when it is an exciting opportunity to drive to the Kaziranga national park and spend a weekend amidst the tall grass that hides within itself one of the most endangered species of animals in the world, is just another thing. What one does not always realize is that how really beautiful the state of Assam is. Grades of green flashing before your eyes as you drive along the fields of rice can never be just explained. Read more ›

20 Helpful Travel Tips

Traveling has always been referred as a refreshing activity which needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. While avid yatris always stay prepared for their next excursions, they also keep themselves up and ready for everything that may come during their travel. Both expert and amateur travelers would agree on the fact that any basic travel tip can sometimes be the actual reason behind a safe and enjoyable excursion. For an enjoyable tour, travel tips always come in handy. Tips undoubtedly make travel a worth cherishing activity Read more ›

The Ranzor Palace of Nahan

There are few enchanting destinations in India which may be at the most visible location but still unfortunately get unnoticed. These locations do not get a fair portion of a tourist’s admiration. Such is the tale of the beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh. Mounted on the very top of the Shivalik Hills, the beautiful town of Nahan still gets deprived from a well-deserved admiration. With breath-taking beauty which only a few regions can possess, the town’s trails remain less exposed to common tourist crowd. Read more ›