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10 Best Travel Apps that will save your time & money

Technology is one domain which clearly has touched our lives in more than one way. Technology has become the necessity of urban lifestyle which is clearly not a fad and is surely a trend which is here to stay. Whether it is in software or mere gadgets, technology seems to make its presence felt almost everywhere. Technology has also made traveling a convenient and enjoyable activity. With various traveling apps present in the market, traveling has become a hassle free task. These apps have become a medium to save time and money while traveling.

The Smart phone apps have become a traveler’s close buddy. These apps play a satisfactory role in making a tour well planned. These technology apps not only save time but they also reduce a lot of efforts. Here are some outstanding apps which are meant to make your travel easier and convenient.


1. Navigon: The name itself justifies the functioning of this app. Navigon is an efficient GPS navigation system which serves best when you are on the trails less known. All traveling and technology freaks are familiar with this amazing app. Navigon with its accuracy and one of a kind features make every destination easy to reach. Available at satisfactory price, this system is clearly worth every penny.


2. Free Wi-Fi Finder: In this gizmo frenzy world, internet has become the first love of many. Free Wi-Fi Finder is one app that works to bring free internet closer to you. The app finds out the nearest location where you can connect yourself to the online world. The app is a strong answer to the issue of international roaming charges. So find out a Wi-Fi source with this free app.




3. Viber: Viber is the app that lets you stay connected with your friend circle or any other near & dear one. Through Viber, one can communicate with his or her close mate through audio, text or by sending photos. A fairly working internet connection and a lot of things to talk about is all one needs to work on this app. Viber is an app which is free and fun to use.




4. ITA Software by Google: The software and its features are no less than a helping hand to a traveler. The app is clearly a medium to save money as it helps to find out the cheapest source to fly with and also assists in finding cheap accommodation options. The app which can run on various mobile platforms can be used to compare prices against a number of airlines and hotels.




5. Kayak: Kayak is a preferred app for those who want to check through their available choices in hotels, air flights and other relevant entities. With Kayak one can easily perform a research on their tour and the mediums involved. The free app comes attached with various in-build filters using which one can search and book affordable hotels and flights.






6. FlightTrack Pro: Have you ever been bugged by the uncertainty that comes attached with air flight timings ?, then worry no more as FlightTrack Pro is here for your rescue. Available at a minimal price, the app helps to track flights and also gives updates regarding any delay or change in air flight timings. FlightTrack Pro indirectly helps your schedule get organized by giving accurate flight timings.


7. Tripit: Tripit is your best traveling companion when you need your whole travel tasks get properly organized. The free app is committed to make your travel as easy as following a small simple list. The app arranges all relevant details such as hotel reservation, flight schedule and many others for its user which he can blindly follow.


8. AroundMe: This app is one way to find the nearest food joints or a hospital. Whatever may your need be, AroundMe helps to find out spots that are nearer around you. Besides local restaurants, one can also look out for nearest hotels, petrol stations and other relevant spots. The category based search and map directions make the job even simpler.


9. Yelp: One always looks out for reviews before heading out to a place. A similar concept revolves around this app. Yelp helps in finding out the best nearby restaurants which are also highly popular among the locals. With the help of this free app, users can get to know about a restaurant which is recommended by many and offers mouth watering food.


10. Wikihood: A new city, town or a famous street will never look unfamiliar to you if you have the free Wikihood app by your side. The Wikihood app gives all the relevant information of the place by accessing the Wikipedia directory. Apart from giving a quick insight about a location, the app also provides helpful information such as nearby sites, renowned structures and much more.



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