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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Stadium’s Story

“Climbing up winding steep ramps never ending But halfway up there is that first glimpse of green On a field spread so gracefully it was no wonder That one graceful fielder grew after another.” - Feldman Barry

Taxis: Treat or Trouble

Once in a while when we travel for luxury or for business we often tend to haggle over transport facilities viable from the stations and airports to our destination hotels, lodges, or homes. Experiences with the cabs and cabbies of

Lit Fea(a)st-ed!

Thanks to the GK books, off which we rote learnt in the good ole school days, the sobriquet Pink City of India has remained etched in our brain cells till date. Jaipur, replete with its picturesque palaces epitomizing grandeur, has

Music that Makes your Journey!

If there is one thing that is inevitable in all my journeys, it is my iPod. I remember when it used to be just a walkman first, and I used to buy a dozen batteries for it before I set

Nibble, Gorge, Devour

I don’t believe in size zero and I feel sorry for all the anorexic people out there who diet their heart out. It is beyond me how anyone can resist the gooey chocolate donut at Mad Over Donuts or the