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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Living on the Edge

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” -Heller Keller For a traveller, nothing rings truer than this. Whether your heart lies on the land, in the sea, or in the stratosphere, life offers some form of adrenaline rush for everyone.

The Metro Diaries

The Kolkata Metro may not have come across as a merry mode of conveyance in the recent Bollywood thriller, but the city to have its first Metro Railway in the entire India has a character of its own. Having lived

For the Bravehearts!

Skiing at Narkanda (Himachal Pradesh): In the breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan land, the Narkanda district lying very close to Simla is where you have your tryst with snow. With the Skiing prices ranging from Rs. 2,000 to around Rs. 5,000, lodging

Monsoon Fun

Right now I’m sitting inside my house, watching the rain fall in the courtyard. I just love the beautiful earthy smell after the first rains. And born and brought up in Kerala rains were always something that I cherished. Getting

It just takes a Mango to Tango!

The Indian summers are perhaps the most dreaded and abhorred season for us, the torrid travelers. The variety of heat that it ushers, from the scorching, burning kind to the sultry, bothersome one, summers are more often than not the