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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Highway to Hell

Not every travel memory need be a positive one. Most of us have had that one near-death experience where we have seen our ‘lives flash before our eyes’, were certain we wouldn’t make it, believed it without a grain of

Spirituality Re-visited

When I was little my parents took me to Puri- we’re talking really little here, barely 5 or 6. It must have been a week-long trip, from what I have been told and from what I remember. Recently, we made

Bachpan Expedition

My parents claim that we’ve been to Mumbai and I still have no clue as to when that happened. Indeed, recalling childhood trips which you took when you were probably four or five are rare to come by. Though undoubtedly,

The Journey Inwards

You know how your life can change overnight when the places you visit, become milestones for your life. Something similar happened to me last summer when I decided to hop off to McLeodGanj, as an escape from routines. En route

Bollywood and Tourist Spots

Were it not for Hindi cinema, the immense popular religious tourist spots of the likes of Vaishno Devi and Shirdi would not have caught the imagination of the public. Indeed, hardly few people knew that a shrine devoted to Shirdi