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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Connecting Route

Our country had a fling with the people of the west when on 20 May 1498 Vasco Da Gama landed in India and the place where nature allowed him to meet the mystical lands of the east was Calicut. So

Man proposes,God disposes!

It is a fact I have well established by my experience and laziness that despite living in the capital city with its numerous places of attraction, the top rated tourist spots of Delhi are the ones which I can claim

History amidst Caves

History as a subject may be considered as a repellant entity by many but if you keep the bookish scenario aside and decide to explore it by yourself, you are surely in for a treat. The default definition of history

Pride of the Judicial System

I don’t know how many of you have heard about the Supreme Court Museum, let alone been there. Perhaps there are few people who are interested in visiting museums as for many it is just another showcase of history. I

On the road to 2013!

2013 is a special year. When the sun dawns on the first of January, we would’ve kissed a rather tiresome year goodbye, what with the financial crisis in various parts of the world eating into our budgets. But most importantly,