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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Celebrate Life Goa Style

There’s never one profound reason to visit Goa. People who have been there once wish to go back again–such is its charm. Once in the city, you will find yourself  amongst horde of  happy tourists busy doing their own things,

Live Camera Action!

When the life gets tough and things get queasy, take a movie break. My non-working friend group which officially includes me as well has been following this virtue for quite a long time now. Movies are not just a mere

Back To Where I Once Played

Images of the grand courtyard where I and my cousins played all day, the place that witnessed our mischievous acts flashed in front of my eyes time and again. The wheels of our car rolled leaving past trees, huts, and

In Search of Placidity

Living in the city gives one a consistent urge to visit a spot that has more trees than cars on the roads. It is when you reach such a place that you realize the alleged void in your life style. 

A Voyage to Remember

Rolling over the sea, watching the horizon, waiting for the arc lamp to rise up and lighten up the world with its golden glitter. With this serene thought and my impulsive demeanor I started my trip from Gateway of India