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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Irresistible Malai

In most of my excursions to the states of south east India, my heart has always been more inclined towards the state of Tamil Nadu. The promising part here is the fact that this state is a goldmine for tourists

Bring home Unforgettable Memories

There are times when friends and family coax me to divulge details about my travels and I often wonder how can I possibly sum up the character of the destination in words. With so little time to share all the

Against the Wheels

If you are among those people who weep on the fact that they do not have the luxury of a personal vehicle (or can’t afford, not even the rent; like me) to traverse around a place, then the city of

Let the Pearl Shine Again

Hyderabad.  The land of pearls.  The land of Biryani.  The land of the Nizams.  And now it was mine, for a few days. The moment you land in, you are greeted by a swanky airport.  Though not one of the

I Dream of a Palace

Disclaimer: The tale depicted below is not fictitious. Any similarity to any place or person living or dead is not coincidental as the palace being talked about is the famous Falaknuma Palace in Old City, Hyderabad and the girl is