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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Enveloped by Allure

Sitting peacefully underneath the cozy blanket of nurturing sky and enjoying a ravishing delightful meal does sounds like a perfect anti-summer picnic plan. If your latest travel plan too revolves around a similar itinerary theme then the stunning town of

Filmy Fort

The old veteran days of television were mostly remarked by our very own Doordarshan. With tons of messages (advertisements) on social issues on the behalf of government and decent sitcoms, the channel pretty much had everything that would keep you

A Salubrious Dwelling

Sustaining the scorching summer heat indeed requires a lot more than courage. Following its unbearable legacy, the sun brings along quite a few generic symptoms in humans. These symptoms include unlimited sweat, lower level of glucose (remember the famous Glucon

A Pristine Pile

Trips that come along complementary with existing excursion are surely what a yatri craves for. Although these short trips may not promise an inexperienced mesmerizing sight but they still are the best appetizers during long planned trips. If you are

Hunt the Haunted

Some mysteries never unfold. Sometimes, mind doesn’t care for them either, it just believes on myths and stories surrounding the mystery. I am talking about one of the scariest places of Asia, Bhangarh Fort, which was once a beautiful architecture