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Monthly Archives: May 2013

5 Bollywood Celebrities who’re against smoking

Today’s World No Tobacco Day.             So I’ve decided to cover 5 celebrities who are against smoking. But before I cover the Bollywood celebs I’d like to tell you a few facts of tobacco -

The less visited town of Kalsi

The ‘act of exploring’ as per my belief is no less than an art in itself. Fairly it doesn’t require much of a hard work (that comes second) as prior to it you need to have eagerness, interest and the

IPL Craze at Wankhede Stadium

Cricket – one and only religion that brings whole India together forgetting all the barriers of caste, creed and sex. This sport, given to us by our ex-rulers now is one of the major talked about, played and watched sport

Enjoyable trip to Mandi

Some trips are executed with a lot of planning while some just happen. There might not be any other easier way to define such trips other then referring them as spontaneous. The spontaneity of these trips is what soars up

Top 3 Caves in India

Beauty seems to be boundless whenever there is a discussion about the striking allure of India. The country which recites the tales of its past in the form of monuments and sculptures, has a few exquisite sites as well which