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A Diamond in the Rough

For many years, I had been under the impression that if I wanted some peace and quiet, some place with manicured parks and gardens at every other corner and roads maintained and traffic managed to the point of perfection, I’d have to leave this country and maybe plan a visit to the Emirates or Europe. My Diwali travel experience this year turned out be a rather pleasantly surprising revelation. Recuperating from a rather severe bout of what we students call ‘examinations’, I decided that the fastest path to full recovery would be to get away from the city, the noise, and most importantly, my books. And so, I set out for Jamshedpur.

Like every excursion, the journey was a delight in itself. During the four hours of my train journey from Calcutta, I watched rural India wake up, men go about their work in the fields, some women helping in the fields, while others cooked outdoors in open bonfires. Most striking however, was the sight of little village children. Humbling indeed was it to see some of them write alphabets in wet mud: here I was, seeking a break from all that which would catapult me into the high life, and there they were, yearning for another day in class. A slate they could ill- afford but they’d realized that curiosity and dreams don’t cost a dime.

When I reached Jamshedpur, I found the town surpassing my expectations. Few minutes from the train station, the change was not just visible, it was loud. Well planned and maintained by the Tata group of companies, the people of Jamshedpur can take pride in calling it home. Though not very ‘quiet’, the town does make up with Jubilee Park, a major attraction for residents here and  Tata Steel Zoological Park, Chandil dam, Rivers Meet, Hudco Lake, Sir Dorabji Tata Park among others. Telco, the area initially undertaken by the companies, is a must visit at night. The Bhuvaneswari Temple, the highest point in Telco area provides a breathtaking view. One should also pay a visit to Dimna Lake, an artificial reservoir that has various water sports like water scooting and rowing. The town also has its fair share of hangouts famous for their food: Bhatia’s, Relish, Brubeck and Fakira are among the most popular.

Even though not a tourist hotspot, city planners should not give Jamshedpur a miss. JUSCO, the subsidiary of the Tata group that acts as the municipal corporation, can teach a million lessons to its government counterparts. With most of India’s cities in shambles, Jamshedpur sets a flawless example of how an uncorrupted and transparent management makes all the difference.

Contributed by Leah Sebastian

For me, 4 words sum up life: "He who laughs, lasts." And its no small wonder why humor is so important to me. If your parents named you Leah, a Biblical name which means "worthy cow" in Hebrew, you'd have realized sooner than later that a sense of humor isn't a luxury, it’s a necessity. Currently I spend my days at St. Xavier's College pursuing B.Com (Hons.) and it has taught me this- When life gives you lemons, sell them. Passionate about travelling and writing, this city of Kolkata sparks that strong desire in me to pen down the beauty of life in the little things we tend to overlook. An aspiring globetrotter, an avid reader (or so I’d like to think) and a rather rhythm-bereft music enthusiast, I enjoy theatre, tennis and long walks- forever on the fairy tale quest of finding peace and true happiness. Travel. Explore. Learn. Laugh. That’s all I need.