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App Savvy

Gone are the days when one would bank on hand drawn and government approved maps for traveling to places one’s never been to before. With the advent of technology and the GPRS, a person doesn’t have to bite their nails while maneuvering the steering wheels through unknown territory. The technology is especially useful when traveling on land which speaks an alien language.

Especially in a nation like India where language can be a major form of barrier, mobile phone applications can be a total life saver in dire conditions.

Amidst a sandy desert in ruins, looking for that oasis of a fort might be a heavy task. With a soul not around to rescue your soul, and no directions to be found on the stretches of sand, your phone might just do the trick if it has got the basic facility of an internet.

Google Maps, Wikimapia are some of the more reliable options I personally like to make use of in times of need. But one is free to hunt for more choices on the internet, for saving their lives and petrol during the hours of need. The compass needles have collected rust and dust in the geography labs for years on end, but one might find some cool applications which act like the real compass guiding one’s lost path towards the magnetic North! The electronic never disappoints you with its wonders, but may definitely fail you during some crucial minutes with a failing battery or faulty display.

So just to be on the safer side, make sure your phone’s properly charged before you set out on one of these adventures. And it never hurts to carry a few hand drawn maps when nothing else works, right? Something’s always a lot better than nothing. But depending on directions provided by the city locals on a fun night to the pub is just more than enough. We can save up all the technological aids while venturing into the wild, I guess!

Contributed by Arshia Dhar

It’s been a while since I have analyzed myself, and having been brought to the noose for that I’d rather pen something nice about me, than jeopardizing all my prospects as a travel-writer. I am Arshia Dhar, hailing from my city of joy – Kolkata. Aged twenty in the supposed last year on the Mayan calendar, I think I have grown up into being a bunch of contradictions more than any other thing. A practical idealist by nature, I swear by music to the point of obsession. The want to learn by exploiting and exploring all the five senses I have been endowed with has literally pushed me into my perpetual need to read and travel, since a very tender age. A cinema enthusiast, active debater, and writer by passion – opting for a Bachelor in English was almost preordained. In the quest for inner-peace, I hope the end of the tunnel is enlightened by the words I write.