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Stuck in Reverse

It often happens that we end up taking life for granted, not expecting it to throw our way surprises or shocks that would make us doubt ourselves, our motives and the validity behind what we have done all our lives.

Reaching Out To Your Roots

One of the best things about being an Indian is that almost all of us have an ancestral village to boast of, to go back to whenever we want. And I don’t want to feel like a sore thumb in

When the Sun Smiles Down On You

You give me one reason to hate India, and I will give you a thousand to love it. And one of the major reasons why I love my nation so much is the fact that every section of the country

Khushi Ki Lohri

During the very early years of school I had befriended this beautiful Punjabi girl – Supreet, in my class who would always come back from vacations and talk about how she spent her winter vacations up in her ancestral home

The Sundarban Storm

It so happens more often than we think, that we end up at an exotic place during its worst season. Such an unfortunate turn of events occurred last year when I decided to visit the Sundarbans in the month of