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Celebrating the King

My weather app showed a 44oC as I stood at the barren bus stop waiting for my bus to roll down. Exams were over and that was a relief-yes! But at this moment, with the sun shining full throttle on

From One City to Another

Around 18 years after the country’s cultural city saw the initiations of the first metro lines, the capital city welcomed its own. Delhi now proudly claims a wide, connected network of mass rapid transit- Delhi Metro mai apka swagat hai.

Sojourn in Wilderness

When you’re living in a place that houses more goats, dogs and monkeys than it does humans, adventure is only to be expected. The course of studies of engineering students lands them often in whacky places for internships. My brother’s

Living on the Edge

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” -Heller Keller For a traveller, nothing rings truer than this. Whether your heart lies on the land, in the sea, or in the stratosphere, life offers some form of adrenaline rush for everyone.

Down The Cultural Memory Lane

A common dilemma on every relatively less packed and planned trip is the last day blues. With the last day of such trips usually kept free, the time to dwell on forlorn thoughts just grows- kinda like mushrooms. What’s the