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Exploring God’s own country, Kerala

Backwaters, tea estates, beaches, idlis and sambar breakfast, there’s only one state in India which is bound to come to your mind when I say these words and the place is Kerala. Comfortable climate, lowest infant mortality, highest life expectancy

Monsoons and Marine Drive

Newspapers these days are flooded with how the monsoon/pre-monsoon shower has finally covered 2/3rds of India. Mumbai has particularly been in the limelight for the ‘musladhaar’ baarish for which it is famous. Going through all these news snippets only makes

Impressive Mumbai

Aamchi Mumbai has many faces which slowly reveal themselves as one explores its interiors. Visited by thousands and admired by millions, the city has its own layer of magnetism which attracts the tourists from all around the world. Whether it

College Canteen Bites

It is that time of the year again, when the admission fever has hit the capital city. Everyday, the leading newspapers are flooded about issues related to admission, with which young students and parents are dealing with. This is also

The Lip-Smacking Pakwaan Festival

After the recent havoc which dear Dengue played with my system, I had consciously subjected myself to consuming home-cooked and healthy food. Five months down the line and with my system thankfully recuperating brilliantly (touchwood!), it was high time to