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Best Boating Destinations in and around Delhi

Our capital city, Delhi harbors a long list for intriguing sites for all its visitors. The capital knows how to keep the interest of its visitors occupied. From renowned monuments of the past to mouth watering street chats, the charm of the city cannot be easily captured within the string of words or phrases. Along with an unmatched reputation, the city holds a special place in the hearts of boating enthusiasts. With a few distinguish boating options, the city promises a refreshing experience.

The activity of boating is believed to share a similar stand with that of any refreshing activity. Delhi proudly offers a decent number of boating options where one can enjoy a calm and relaxing day. Here are a few boating paradise in and around Delhi which are praiseworthy.

Old Fort, Delhi
Fascinatingly some of the old landmarks of the city also serve as a hosting ground for boating activity. The famous old fort of Delhi is one such amazing boating site. With a legacy and charisma which dates ages back, the old fort is also capable of fulfilling one’s historical appetite. Accompanied by a pretty lake, the fort gives its visitors a concrete reason to row. At a minor price, boating near the old fort is worth every penny.


Bhalswa Lake, Jahangirpura, New Delhi

The city of Delhi may surely showcase a ravishing and modern lifestyle but its serene attributes haven’t taken a back seat. Delhi still has a few water bodies with the Bhalswa Lake holding the top spot. The lake is highly notable for the string of water sports activities that it offers. Apart from the pleasing boating activity, the lake also serves the facility for kayaking and many others.


Surajkund, Haryana

The name of Surajkund does not require any introduction. At a minimal distance from the capital city, Surajkund is an attractive tourist site. Popular for the craft fair that is organized here, the place remains jam-packed with tourists and artists. For boating lovers, the place beholds a man made lake which can be admired through boating. The charm of this site fits perfectly with the beauty of this lake.


Naini Lake, Model Town

Naini Lake is another boating paradise within the city which offers a memorable boating experience. The tourists visiting the lake have a lot of options to choose up from ranging from Shikara rides to basic paddle boat ride. One can avail this activity at pocket friendly prices which are the cheapest one can get for a rejuvenating boat ride.


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