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Best places to visit within 100 kms from Bangalore

Bangalore has a transparent image of a commercialized city which clearly knows how to spent a day off from its hectic work schedule. The city offers a lot of options to look up to for a lazy weekend or a planned vacation. With hordes of picnic spots, waterfalls and other interesting tourist sites, Bangalore stature expands more than its IT dominated shadow. There are also a decent number of tourist sites in its outskirts which deserve a visit.

The options of spending one’s weekend seems to be endless in Bangalore but there is a lot to look forward to on the outside as well. There are a few destinations on the outskirts of Bangalore which have one thing or other to offer to its visitors. Here are a few destinations near around Bangalore which are worthy of being adored.



Krishnagiri is a prestigious asset of the state of Tamil Nadu, The beauty of this town lies in its simplicity and the serenity that rules here. Krishnagiri is a stack full of amazing historic sites and caves. The town has also maintained its relation with its culture through its archaeological possessions. A relaxing weekend can be spend here while admiring the structures build by the past rulers. The Krishnagiri Fort and Rajaji Memorial are some of the noteworthy sites here.



The outskirts of Bangalore is dotted with amazing tourist sites among which Bheemeshwari stands on top. A stunning village, Bheemeshwari is slowly rising as a promising picnic spot. This place offers ample of opportunities to its visitors to enjoy a rejuvenating trekking experience. Excessively blessed by the touch of nature, this site is a pure treat for nature lovers. Tourists coming down to Bheemeshwari can also enjoy fishing here. Birdwatching is one of the side benefits of visiting this place.


Nandi Hills

An ideal day and a quick drive is all its takes to reach to the famous Nandi Hills. Nandi Hill is one popular site near Bangalore which does not require any planned trip. The hill is covered under the thick blanket of flora which puts a pure and pleasant lifestyle in front of you. Named after the Lord Shiva’s bull, this hill is the perfect getaway to ease off your mind. One can also visit the temple located on top of the hill. The exceptional beauty of this site has brought it a lot of attention.



Shivagange is beautiful region which is stuffed by religious sites. The cliffs and rocky terrains of this place fit perfectly with the river Ganga. Some of the religious sites include the statue of Nandi, Gangadhareshwara Temple and few others. Outstanding art on the rocks can also be seen here. The rocky terrains of this place make it suitable for adventure activities such as rock climbing and trekking.