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Left in the Lurch

I belong to a family whose motto, specifically during long drives is to be as impromptu as it can get. I’ve mentioned our detours to Nainital in a few of my previous posts also, and it wouldn’t be wrong to

A Thousand Splendid Suns

There’s a certain magic in being all by you in a foggy dawn up on the green and violet hills. Why? Because you don’t know what is waiting for you in the bend right after this. I am fortunate because

A Spoonful Of Sugar

You know those trips that we go on sometimes, with a certain oh-so-utterly-serious purpose in mind and return having accomplished quite another not-oh-so-utterly-important one? Whenever we travel, we always return enriched by something more than we hope to accomplish: a

Tour de la Tawang

A splash of vibrant colors and majestic architecture among luxuriant green and rocky crags. Quite a sight, straight out of an artist’s canvas. However, the hillocks of Arunachal Pradesh offers a vista no less breathtaking and for witnessing the same

City Of Dreams

Life can be really shitty at times. I guess that is not really politically correct language. But that is just the truth, plain and simple. It is so unexpected and might just kick you when you least expect it. I