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The Masked Lamas

Colors have their own arena in the heart and mind of human beings. They have their own unique bright full grace which somehow catches the eye and serves as soothingly enjoyable. The festival of Holi surely has colors as its

A Complementary New Year

A New Year is surely a symbol of new beginnings and above all happiness and warm affection. Keeping the exotic charm of New Year in mind, wouldn’t it be astonishing if one gets to celebrate New Year twice. Well if

The Lip-Smacking Pakwaan Festival

After the recent havoc which dear Dengue played with my system, I had consciously subjected myself to consuming home-cooked and healthy food. Five months down the line and with my system thankfully recuperating brilliantly (touchwood!), it was high time to

Pretty in Pink

Every year, towards the end of January, Diggi Palace in the city of Jaipur hosts the Jaipur Literature Festival. Writers, poets, academics, actors, musicians, lyricists and still more categories of artists descend from all parts of the world to celebrate

The Black Horse

The Black Horse as the title doesn’t say, I’m actually talking about the famous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival of Mumbai. I had first seen the pictures of this festival three years back. Trust me, as per photos, I thought what