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The Kaziranga Safari

Waking up at the crack of dawn is never a fun thing but when it is an exciting opportunity to drive to the Kaziranga national park and spend a weekend amidst the tall grass that hides within itself one of

The Beautiful Town of Darjeeling

I put on the television to be greeted with nothing but inane chatter about politics and debate about new states. I put on a Bengali news channel to hear the same. They wanted a new state. Gorkhaland. And I was

The Mount Harriet of Andaman Islands

One of the easiest places to visit in India without actually crossing the ocean is Mount Harriet. Situated in the Andaman Islands, it is known to be the highest point above sea level within the archipelago. What I’m trying to

Long drive to Lavasa

When we were kids, weekends were always synonymous with long drives. Adventurous parents and footloose friends made sure that every alternate weekend we would go on a safari to Kaziranga or brave the cold winds of Nainital. But as a

The Shiroli Peak of Dandeli

Wildlife, green pastures, adventure activities and numerous other options packed in one destination is a deal which is hard to find. With a refreshing weather as starter, Dandeli serves you an unforgettable treat mixed with the above ingredients. The town