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Shikara Rides of Kashmir

Paradise no longer seems to be a mystical affair when the topic of conversation revolves around the region of Kashmir. In India, the admirable valley of Kashmir is considered equivalent to an enchanting paradise. The valley single-handedly attracts a huge

The Trails of Chail

Himachal Pradesh is one of the few fortunate states which relish a cooler weather and thus get transformed into a hot spot to visit during summers. The state has a beeline of chilling hill stations out of which Chail rates

The adorable hill town of Binsar

The stunning allure of Uttarakhand and its surrounding regions has been under the limelight for a long time now. The state is bestowed with epic natural beauty and is also a favorable spot for various adventurous activities. The travel worthy

Soaking the Bead

Moving towards some distant region for the sake of traveling sometimes brings us close to a better and relaxing lifestyle. These sites usually come attached with a hint of few villages which make the environment of such places seem much

The Lesser known Narkanda

Himachal Pradesh has a strange magnetic effect towards its admirers which strengthens with time and brings them back for yet another visit. The state has a deep command over natural beauty which is believed to be its biggest and most