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City Of Dreams

Life can be really shitty at times. I guess that is not really politically correct language. But that is just the truth, plain and simple. It is so unexpected and might just kick you when you least expect it. I can’t really say I didn’t expect it or that I wasn’t warned. I knew all along that I would be plagued by hugely competitive entrance examinations, relatives haunting me about my career plans, tying the sacred knot and finally deciding for myself what I really want to do in life. When I was a teenager I was told that hiccups in life and the most important decisions are made after grade twelve and after that your life is set. But looking back, I feel that it was perhaps all a lie. Graduation was indeed a huge step. I literally traveled thousands of kilometers to study at the best college of the country. Yes! I did get through all that and I just didn’t expect it. Does that mean history will repeat itself and life will get sorted out on its own? Maybe it will. Maybe I just have to wait and watch. But who knows, right?

Some dreams are easily fulfilled. As Paulo Coelho rightly puts it, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I don’t know how badly I wanted to get in at LSR, but here I am, graduating in a few months time. I sit around in the college cafe and realize that it won’t be the same place without my friends. I hate it when I see random juniors sitting at OUR niche and don’t we always intimidate them into oblivion. I know I will miss every second of it. The magic of LSR has definitely held me captivated.
We literally laugh out loud, scream at the top of our voices, howl, play hand cricket, hit passer by’s with our paper balls, pretend we didn’t do it, bitch and gossip, dance at the back of the auditorium at item numbers, waking up early in the morning to watch movies at the cinema hall with the cheapest possible ticket (just in case you are wondering where it is in South Delhi, head over to PVR Saket). The list just goes on. I can’t really imagine being in Delhi without the fun people that my friends are. We have made hundreds of travel plans in our three years of college. Some worked out. Some didn’t. But I believe the best memories were always the ones travelling to nearby places.

My favorite of the lot: Hauz Khas Village which would include the fort and lake nearby, Chandini Chowk, Dilli Haat, PVR Saket, bowling at Crossriver mall and Sarojini Nagar market.

Well let me just put it this way. Life is made richer by your experiences. And for me some of the best experiences have been with my friends here in Delhi. Next year this time I have no clue where I will be. I have a list of universities that I desperately want to get into. And part of me really hopes that I get to stay in Delhi. It still retains the charm that I was allured to since childhood. For me, it is the city of dreams!

Contributed by Izra Nawas

Izra Nawas is my name. I’m currently doing my Bachelors in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Apart from my love for political science, I also enjoy writing (especially poetry), listening to music, reading lots of books and, of course, travelling. My love for travelling is perhaps one of those things that I inherited from my dad. Be it a well planned, long awaited trip or a spontaneous, on the spot, ‘let’s go for it’ kind of trip, I love them all ! For me writing is as much a passion as travelling and so I decided that Chatur Yatri is the perfect place for me.