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DTC in Noida

Not that they’ve become my most preferred mode of travel now, but before entering into college,the prospect of travelling by bus gave me jitters. Congested, dirty, over-spilling, to sum it all up in a single word, bachpan bus rides always turned out to be ‘khatara’ ones for me. With my college close to Lajpat Nagar, taking a bus turned out to be the most feasible option for going to college. Undoubtedly, I was hesitant initially, but today, after close to three years, taking a 392 bus has become an everyday travelling reality, with experiences ranging from harrowing at times to hassle-free mostly. And now, I shall embark on a 392 harping spree, the bus route which is my daily lifeline.

392 DTC opens at Sector-62, Noida. It is probably one of the few buses which covers such a wide area, and not to forget, some of the most important locations across the city. In fact, particularly for Noidaites, it is one of the fastest and well-connected mode of commuting to West and South Delhi. I know many would say the Metro is there too. Yes, it is, but specifically for South Delhi locations, the Metro takes an hour minimum, or even more while the bus, provided you get one on time, takes relatively less time. And the cherry on the cake are the extremely nominal rates.

After covering important sectors of Noida, the bus heads to Rajnigandha, which is the last stop in Noida. When going towards Delhi, you would want to avoid this stop as the maximum crowd gets in here. However, while returning, it is the most sought after stop as the crowd in the bus thins after Rajnigandha. Some of the noted, important stops of this bus in Delhi are Ashram, Lajpat Nagar, South Extension, AIIMS, Sarojini Nagar and RK Puram among others. The last stop is Dhaula Kuan.

The DND (Delhi Noida Direct) Flyway is a significant component of the 392′s route and is also one of my favourite bits of the bus ride. The 9.2 km stretch offers you a beautiful view of Yamuna and the various distant settlements on the other sides of the city. And if you are blessed with good eyesight, you can even spot the Lotus Temple in the distance. Summers or winters, mood: lazy or stingy, a few metres into this gorgeous stretch and you become completely oblivious to the crowd and the stench of sweat around. The gush of fresh air which hits the face, wipes the mind clean of all worries.

By this, I am in no way suggesting that travelling by bus is all pros and has no cons. It is most likely to happen in a bus that a random male might decide that you are an interesting specimen of the Female variety and will refuse to blink, constantly staring at you. In such cases, you query sternly what exactly his problem is. Fellow passengers wouldn’t even apologise after stepping on your feet as it is more of a birthright or rather, bus-right they have acquired. You might have to scream yourself hoarse at many instances, maybe at the bus driver some day for closing the door shut on your toe or maybe to dear Almighty to prevent yourself from getting squeezed in the crowd.

It is a wide array of experiences which a bus ride offers. To see world in its best and worst forms, take a bus ride, a long one, and observe and appreciate the little things in life. It is a slice of life served to you.

I have learnt my lesson: run with all your might to catch that bus, the one which you have set your eye on. In case you miss that one, be patient, there will always be another one, round the corner. To be taken literally or figuratively, you decide!

Cost Break Up:
The bus fare for the A/C Bus is relatively high. The price of the ticket varies. Depending on where you’ve stepped onto the bus and where you are headed to, the cost of the ticket is determined.

For instance: Rajnigandha to Lajpat Nagar would cost Rs 16 in a non-A/C bus and Rs 27 in an A/C bus.

Contributed by Rini Sinha

Photo Credits – newzstreet

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