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Enrique In Town

You can’t possibly imagine the swell of excitement that took over me when I heard that Enrique is coming to Delhi. Of course he had come eight years back. But I was too little to know who he was and moreover I was then living in my home town down South.  For me it was the first and perhaps the last opportunity to see him in flesh and blood. You never know what the future holds. So I prefer to seize the opportunities as it comes by. A student of Delhi University whose only source of savings is the pocket money she got from her relatives and pay from the blog, a ticket worth Rs. 2500 was truly heart wrenching! But trust me! It was all worth it! The one full hour that Enrique performed on stage, we were all mesmerized. I was taken over by the rhythm divine.
As girls clambered up the shoulders of their boyfriends, we were craning our necks and jumping up and down to catch a glimpse of the international superstar! Here are a few tips that I thought applies for every single concert or band performance. Most importantly, don’t rush to catch a place at the front near the stage. People crush you and literally push you around. In simple words, you will be manhandled.  The bruises on the side of my tummy were proof enough. If you are in a small group, stay together. Getting lost in a crowd of ten thousand people is not really pleasant. It also prevents eve teasing. Whatever you may think, being close to the back of the grounds was the perfect place not just to see Enrique without craning the neck and getting stepped on by people, but was also the perfect place to hang out and have fun with friends.

Follow the instructions provided on the back of the ticket. It is there for a reason. Food and beverages were available inside the concert area and it wasn’t too expensive either. So it didn’t really make any sense to haul around a bag full of snacks which they anyways would not have allowed you to take in. The normal point and shoot cameras were allowed inside, but I would caution against bringing it unless absolutely sure that you can be responsible for it. I found it trouble enough to just take care of the money I had and my mobile phone that I can’t imagine taking care of my camera too in that rush.

It was with a lot of apprehension that we in fact booked our tickets as Huda Grounds were notoriously famous for the cancellation of several concerts including that of Bryan Adams and Metallica. If you are a non-resident of the city where the concert is being held, then you can book your tickets through online platforms like bookmyshow. Otherwise the Rs. 250 convenience charge that the online platforms levy is just an additional burden. Moreover they deliver vouchers and not tickets which you will have to get exchanged at the venue. Why go through all these hassles when you can just buy the tickets from the numerous outlets of Barista and Cafe Turtle.

Cost breakup:

Tickets: Rs. 2750
Beverage: Rs. 50
Transport (Metro+Auto): Rs.154

Total cost: Rs. 2954


Contributed by Izra Nawas

Izra Nawas is my name. I’m currently doing my Bachelors in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Apart from my love for political science, I also enjoy writing (especially poetry), listening to music, reading lots of books and, of course, travelling. My love for travelling is perhaps one of those things that I inherited from my dad. Be it a well planned, long awaited trip or a spontaneous, on the spot, ‘let’s go for it’ kind of trip, I love them all ! For me writing is as much a passion as travelling and so I decided that Chatur Yatri is the perfect place for me.