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Ghost Temple

Everywhere in the world ghost stories are really famous. Some people just come up with ghost fictions which grab attention of the listeners. There are few places in the world where you will find some horror story, or ghost story embedded in every nook and corner of the city. India is one such country, whose roots have evolved with many interesting stories and most of them are found either travelling or in villages.

What is interesting about this country is that we even have a religion place where every human supposedly possessed with evil spirits goes to cure themselves. Sounds weird? Not true??

But in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, there lies a small town where you can feel the spirits around you. It’s not just stories coming out of traveler’s mouth but it is a feeling you experience yourself. The feeling of devotion towards the lord residing here and the feeling of sick possessed people you see. The Lord Balaji also famously known as Mehandipur- Balaji by the town name and the Pretraj Sarkar (the king of spirits) present in this temple is supposed to relief you with any evil spirit. Balaji is a form of Indian god Hanuman. And he with the pretraj is believed to be the god who punishes the evil spirits when they try to interfere with normal human life.

It is definitely a rare scene in this town. You will find many sufferers rolling on the road, many with open hair, many lost in their own tranquility. It is sometimes scary to see these people. It could possibly be a psychological disorder they must be suffering from, like as simple as depression, but what is believed by us Indians are that they are possessed by evil spirits or are victim of black magic.

Coming from a typical Hindu background, since childhood I have heard many stories about this place and since then it was on my list of travel destinations. How often do you hear about spirit of a lady making bread in the temple, or how often do you learn about a man walking with a huge stone on his back as a punishment or a man tied with chains as a form of punishment. Yes this is what you see when you go to this upper room of the temple where the spirits are supposedly present. How true is that really can’t say but what I can is that this place is worth a visit, at least to experience the madness of religion and to experience the power of religion summoned by thousands of visitors to this temple.

Also, there are many rules and regulations when you go to this temple. And one must follow them as that is the belief. For instance, you should not carry any fragrances, should not bring food back from this town or look back again to the deity once you are coming out of the temple. I have seen many Indian travelers strictly following these rules, but I wouldn’t want to justify it as true as India is a land of religion and the belief associated with them. And we Indians religiously follow any rule when associated with the god. In the end all I can say is that it is a religious town with some different notion and also once in a lifetime experience.

Cost Breakup:
1. Staying: There are guest houses at Dharamshala starting from Rs. 300/day

2. Food: Rs. 250-500/day

3. Transportation: Rs. 1000 approximately from Jaipur.

Total Cost – Rs. 1800 approximately

Contributed by Madhuri Jalan


I am a passionate traveller who never leaves a chance to visit a new destination. My all-time mission in life is experience different cultures. Being a travel freak I want to cover every accessible tiny land spot on this earth one day [which I am sure would come one day soon ;)]. Let it be a small town near Varanasi or a month trip in Europe, visiting a new culture always fills me with enthusiasm. Being an environmentalist by profession, I love to appreciate and preserve nature. Apart from travelling or preserving environment, I spend my time reading and writing.