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Highway Haveli

Haveli, as the name suggests is a modern Haveli built about 15 km outside from Ludhiana on the way to Ferozpur. The façade of the building is huge and for the tourists it provides a window to the rustic Punjabi rural ambience. At the entry itself numbers of cots are placed to straighten the tired back, while the lilting Punjabi music from an era gone by soothes the senses. Indeed, the music on display is of old times, typical Punjabi in the famous voices like Aasa Singh Mastana, and Surinder Kaur and so on. The façade of the building is also studded with agricultural implements, like plough which those belonging to the present generation may not be able to see.

The food to try out , if one is traveling during the winters, is Sarson Kee Roti and Makki Da Saag coupled with a tall glass of lassi. When one enters inside the Haveli the sheer amount of utensils from an era gone by which have been used as decorative furniture, leaves one awestruck, as to the kind of utensils that our forefathers used for different kind of food preparations. Food on offer is good, but the icing on the cake is the peace of jaggery that is given as a mouth freshener which takes time to melt into the mouth and leaves a sweet taste coupled with sweet memories of the place while driving on the road.

Contributed by Nalin Rai


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