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Not a Good Combo!

So, here’s the thing, my cousin just drops by two weeks back and he’s all excited. It takes me quite some time to cool him down. Anyways, he says he’s got this awesome vacation plan. Fine, I say, and ask him to go on. Well, the original conversation wouldn’t be anywhere near what I’m giving you now. If it was broadcasted on TV, all you’d hear would be *beep*’s (those will be the parts where I come in!)
Well, let’s just cut the long story short:
Finally, he blurts it out: ‘let’s go to Goa!’

Although I’m skeptical at first, I too join in. “Hell, yeah”, I say (or something similar to that, in Malayalam).
So, on 15th june 2012, we head to Goa by train. And like any Indian who’s on his maiden Goa trip, we too have those wild dreams, just like the ones you see in body deo commercials. Well, it’s all good till now (and this is probably where a ‘Intermission’ would be called if this was made a movie!), but not for long.

We already know it’s monsoon and all, but I’d already checked with my friend and he said it hasn’t rained any over there. And with such big hopes of a really awesome weekend full of parties and booze, we reach Madgaon. The place is sunny and it really lights up our hopes. We head over to our friend’s place and he gets us a room at a nearby hotel (not that his place is small, he’s just a miser!). He’s even got us a car (obviously which we’ve to pay for!), a Maruti Swift. Well, the moment we all pile into the car, it starts raining. But I didn’t give it much thought, it was just drizzling.

So we drive to the nearest beach and put on our beach shorts. Now it starts raining harder, and we end up again sitting inside the car. It’s just day 1 right, better days are coming we say to ourselves. But you know what happened, it rained the other 2 days as well.
It’s too painful to go on describing this trip (*sob sob*), all I’ve got to say, never underestimate rain. If you do, you’re sure to be left crying (again, *sob sob*)!

PS: And the Swiftwala charged us an extra Rs. 2000 for missing wheel guards, which I’m sure were never there in the first place!

Contributed by Thomas Mampilly

Hey guys, I am Thomas and I am from Kerala. I'm a happy go lucky guy with a flair for writing really funny and informative (but mostly the former) articles. i'm a mechanical engineer by degree, but I'd rather be known as a writer. well, thats it about me, check out my articles and lemme know how you feel!