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Now Book a Train Ticket via SMS

The procedure for booking a train ticket was always referred as a complex activity which demanded both patience and time. Coming to the rescue of frequent train passengers, the Indian Railways has recently launched a SMS Based Ticketing System. Utilizing the mobile technology, the Indian Railways is focused to improve customer service. With the advent of the new SMS Based Ticketing System, booking a train ticket is now just a SMS away.

The new SMS system not only allows booking via SMS but also assists in getting an update about the PNR status. The SMS service which became effective from 28th June 2013 has already started gaining popularity and appreciation.

The new SMS Based Ticketing System has become an instant hit in India where 7 out of 10 citizens possess a mobile phone. The new system has also turned useful for those who doesn’t have access to Internet. With a minor 4 out of 10 passengers booking their tickets online, the new system has brought along much of a relief for the non-internet user base. Along with booking, the passengers can also perform cancellation or can search for trains and stations. Other improved attributes such as updates, alerts and advanced payment options are estimated to be added to the system any time soon. Bank and payment authorities are also working to provide safe and secure payment transactions through mobile.

The concerned authorities have selected two numbers 139 and 5676714 using which one can book train tickets through SMS

The below steps which help you through in booking train tickets via SMS

SMS Booking using 139

1. Initially you need to get your mobile number registered with IRCTC and with your respective bank
2. For the authorization of payment, the bank provides Mobile Money Identifier(MMID) and one time password (OTP) in return
3. You can send an SMS to 139 for booking as per following syntax (One needs to be precise about the station codes and train numbers)
BOOK<TrainNo><From Station Code><To Station Code><Travel Date(DDMM)><Class><Passenger Name><Age><M/F>
4. You will receive a  Transaction ID along with other relevant details
5. You can make a payment by sending an SMS to 139 as per the following format (Refer to Step 2 to know more about the used abbreviations)
PAY <Received Transaction ID><IMPS><MMID ><OTP ><IRCTC UserID>

Price Involved

Each SMS costs Rs 3/-. Ticket amounting to less than Rs 5000 involve a  PG charge of Rs 5/-. For ticket amount higher than Rs 5000, PG charge involve is Rs 10. Service charges from IRCTC are also included as applicable.

SMS Booking using  5676714

1. Get you mobile number registered with IRCTC as well as with m-wallet ( Go to
2. As per the below syntax, send off an SMS to 5676717
START <irctc user Id> for user authentication (initial)
3. You can book your ticket by sending an SMS to 5676714 in the following format (One needs to be precise about the station codes and train numbers)
BOOK<From Stn.Code>,<to Stn.Code>, <DDMMYY>, <Train No>,<Class>,<Passenger Name>,<Age>,<M/F>
4. You will receive a Transaction number.
5. Proceed with the payments by sending another SMS in the following format
“PAY <Mobile No>,<MMID>,<Amount>, <Transaction Id>,<OTP> “(for payment through IMPS)
6. After payment you will receive a booking confirmation in your mobile

Price Involved

Each SMS costs Rs 3/-.

The new SMS Ticketing system has clearly added the convenient factor to the booking scenario

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