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10 Best Travel Apps that will save your time & money

Technology is one domain which clearly has touched our lives in more than one way. Technology has become the necessity of urban lifestyle which is clearly not a fad and is surely a trend which is here to stay. Whether it is in software or mere gadgets, technology seems to make its presence felt almost everywhere. Technology has also made traveling a convenient and enjoyable activity. With various traveling apps present in the market, traveling has become a hassle free task. These apps have become a medium to save time and money while traveling. Read more ›

The Beautiful Town of Darjeeling

I put on the television to be greeted with nothing but inane chatter about politics and debate about new states. I put on a Bengali news channel to hear the same. They wanted a new state. Gorkhaland. And I was immediately transported back to the pristine silences of the dense forests and the overbearing presence of Tiger Hill. Darjeeling as a major tourist spot has given people so much to enjoy and preserve and has received no less in return. The same streets which were promoting little industries and eateries have now poured out resentment and protest. Read more ›

The Fort of Panhala

There might have been a strong reason behind attaching a pre-word “maha” along with the name of a legendary place. Well on analysis of its deeper interiors, the state of Maharashtra and its name seems fairly justified. The state is a like a box which is overfilled with interesting sites and places which do need any push for recognition. Among all the interesting sites harbored within the state, the town of Panhala has something unique which makes it stand aside. Read more ›

The College Street of Kolkata

When one travels to another part of the country every two months, it is but natural that your company for travel will change and change again. And sometimes, you have no one to share those experiences with but yourself. Every year during the winter months, I commence on a brief travel stint to Calcutta. Yes. I shall call it Calcutta because it signifies for me an ethereal old worldly-ness of times past and brings to mind an amazing haunt for the eternal broke. Winter in Calcutta can be damp but also mighty pleasurable since the mercury denotes a temperature that cannot be called cold. Read more ›

Snack Joints near DU’s North Campus

It is very obvious to say that food is the necessity of life and one cannot imagine surviving without it. What if the significance of food in this context get replaced by the term snack. Well this how a life of an exhausted college student works. Between long tedious lectures and no-clue seminars, snacks and spicy food items are the only things that keep an occupied student going. With a massive student crowd within its territory, the North campus of Delhi university is also popular for its snack joints. Read more ›