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Point and Shoot

The firsts in life are always special. I still remember trying to convince my dad to get a digital camera for the family. My sister and I did succeed to convince my dad to get the digital camera then, but it did create a dent in my dad’s pocket. It was a time when they had just hit the market and people very still uneasy to try them out. Indeed it was revolutionary. We have come a long way from fretting about films and with memory card taking over life; we no longer need to worry about wasting a precious film. Click all you want and you can even delete those you aren’t fond of.
Years have gone by since then. No longer is it so expensive. This year I was gifted my very own digital camera by my sister and brother-in-law. Sometimes it is not the gift itself that is precious, but the thought that went into it. My Sony Cybershot DSC W-570 is now one of my most prized possessions. I go berserk with worry if I don’t find it in my cabinet. A travel freak I am, but I’m not really one of those really inherently talented photographers. For me, my photographs are my most cherished souvenirs from any adventure. It is true that it is the age of smart phones and mobile phone cameras boast of five mega pixels to even twelve megapixel s. But the quality of pictures that you click on a camera is absolutely unrivaled.

I wouldn’t perhaps be the right person to talk to when it comes to cameras as I’m so in love with mine that I can’t really think of anything better. For me photography is not something professional. I just love clicking photos. Picking the perfect digital camera for travel can be difficult as it must go with your travel needs. From the point of view of a traveller, I believe that a point and shoot digital camera is the best as it is not just compact that it will fit into your pocket, but their image quality is also very high. The best feature of it is that it’s the most affordable of the lot. Since I mentioned the pros, it is only right that I mention the cons as well of point and shoot cameras and they include less control, poor quality of photos in low light conditions, poor zoom and shutter lag.

I don’t wish to give a list of cameras that you should consider buying. You would know better than me that in this age of technology and globalisation, new cameras with better features come out every other day. One suggestion however would be to never compromise on brands. The best brands would include Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung. They might be a bit more expensive, but they come with quality and best warranty conditions. What is most important when you are planning to get a camera is to prioritise your needs. Don’t just whine for an SLR just because your friend has one or you think you will look cool with one. It is an expensive choice that you are making. Chatur Yatri would definitely recommend a budget travel and a budget digital camera!

Contributed by Izra Nawas

Izra Nawas is my name. I’m currently doing my Bachelors in Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Apart from my love for political science, I also enjoy writing (especially poetry), listening to music, reading lots of books and, of course, travelling. My love for travelling is perhaps one of those things that I inherited from my dad. Be it a well planned, long awaited trip or a spontaneous, on the spot, ‘let’s go for it’ kind of trip, I love them all ! For me writing is as much a passion as travelling and so I decided that Chatur Yatri is the perfect place for me.