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Promising Travel Trends

World seems nothing other than a scenario of trends and events. In some relevant contexts the concept of Trends can safely be considered as a prime reason behind an invention. A similar theory also fits perfectly on our most intriguing subject “Traveling”. The world of traveling also experiences the presence of trends which later turn into must do activities. With the arrival of various new and attractive trends, today’s yatri wants to stay trendy while being on the road.

Various travel trends come and go but only a few make their presence felt. With traveling becoming a passionate hobby for many, travel trends have become an entity of significance. Here are some new travel trends which have made it big among travelers.

Going Solo for traveling: This trend had a hidden presence but in the past few years it has become a rage. In an independent country, the tourists are also turning themselves into an independent traveler. While some say it is refreshing to travel solo, others say that the exploring phase comes best when you travel all by your own. Either way, this trend is slowly catching pace and is surely here to stay.



Traveling for the sake of fests: This is one trend where age factor holds no bar. Whether it is a renowned local festival of a place or an interesting literature event, today’s yarti find this a worthy reason to visit a destination. From college crowd to mid aged traveling enthusiasts, this trend is being followed by many.


Off to the trails less traveled: This scenario can safely be called as an evergreen trend. This trend has now transformed into a passion among travelers. Traveling to well known destination has become something for old timers as the present yatri wants to test his limits as he travels through the path that only a few had the courage to pass through. Hard to track destinations seem to have a bright future ahead.


Going filmy: The Bollywood industry today not only offers an interesting reel life but it also serves as a source for some traveling ideas (remember the Switzerland field where DDLJ was shot). Heading out to a destination that you once saw in a beloved movie has become a promising trend. No wonder various countries open their arms for the film fraternity whenever necessary (free promotion I suppose). So this vacation get filmy and get going.

Blogging all the way: Now this is the most interesting and most catchy trend of all. While you travel share your experiences, emotions and self witnessed facts with the world through your own travel blog. As a trend Travel blogging has been taken up by many and is often being treated as a hobby. So next time when you travel, do follow the trend of blogging because you never know you might hit it off pretty well with the readers.


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