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Rags to Riches

Have you ever gone for a vacation and wished to spend the entire time in the hotel itself? Have you ever chosen the tranquility of the spa over the long boring tours of the land? Well I guess we all know what we are talking about, the grand 5 star hotels. India’s tourism industry has flourished and so has the number of hotels and no, not just the quantity but the quality too.

Most 5 star hotels nowadays offer facilities that make one spend, and that spending my friend is surely worth it. From Golf to a Barber shop, the Spa or even baby-sitting services, these hotels are a complete package. Be it Hotel Ashok, The Park Hotel, Grand Hyatt or The Taj, these hotels have that grandeur and spark that leave one mesmerized. The hospitality and wide range of services offered by 5 star hotels truly make one’s stay a long cherished memory. Apart from the beautiful décor, the food and delicacies offered by these hotels are mind-boggling. Most hotels even offer its customers atleast 4 restaurants to choose from. They not only cater to the palate of the visitors but also provide one with different ambiances. The Leela (Gurgaon) truly and proudly stands at the top with its captivating multi-cuisine restaurant, Spectra. It is one of the most amazingly designed restaurants with five open and live kitchens in the middle of the Restaurant. It also has one of the most beautiful bars, the Rubicon with its special crystal lounge.

However it’s foolish and perhaps naïve to completely sideline the budget hotels. While 5 star hotels offer the shine and glam, remember they come with a price. The budget hotels on the other hand offer you efficient services and comfortable stay in a lot less price. One is free to rule at one’s own terms. provides a whole list of budget hotels all over India. If you’re hungry, you can take an auto and hunt the local street shops, no waiting for the limo, no need to give huge tips simply for the sake of sophistication. At budget hotels, one can happily get chatty with the staff and enquire about the local markets, one can get a descent stay and spend the few extra bucks at the little bustling markets or take a stroll in the old city. Infact most budget hotels especially in Jaipur and Rajasthan have spectacular architecture, owing to the cultural heritage of their cities. The Havelis, though common for the locals, is alluring for the tourists.

Contributed by Nishtha Vashishtha