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Round the Clock

For people who firmly believe in the eternal loopiness of time, there is no certain morning as there is no certain night. All the life is one big party and hours are there to be enjoyed regardless of whether the sun shines or the moon beams. For such kindred souls, it can spell some pretty tough luck finding hangouts that welcome them “round the clock”. And that’s what brings me to you, with a bunch of the most pocket friendly fun places over the country do just that- give you unlimited “masti” on demand.

The Japanese Park in Delhi is a fine example of an uber budget friendly hotspot that remains open from early morning all through the night. The park has five lakes and a boating facility and a landscape of scenic perfection with fountains, floral adornment and the like. Whether it is star gazing that interests you or you happen to have a yen for the cool night breeze on a particularly suffocating summer night, the Japanese park is a vast space that offers ample privacy under an open sky.

Fun fact: A much sought shelter for runway engineering students. Ask any DTU (formerly DCE) student who’s ever been in the campus hostel and you’ll find none that has escaped the fun escapade of getting barred/ thrown out/ or simply running away to retire to this haven.

JNU campus: an unconventional one, to call a hangout. True. Nonetheless, a perfect one for snagging a budget friendly snack and some free of cost natural beauty. The Parthasarthy Rocks within the campus offers a lush expanse of greenery with peacocks and other marvels of nature while the eatery called 24×7 is, as name suggests, a low cost food joint open at all hours of the day and night providing for any hunger pangs that may endanger a perfect sight-seeing trip.

Fun Fact: The students at JNU fought tooth and nail to get rid of high end food outlets like Nestle and CCD and came up with an indigenous 24X7 instead. Don’t let their efforts go to waste; make “chatur” use of your money and spend less to get more.

Another worth mentioning round the clock hangout zone is the restaurant Haveli on GT Road, Jalandhar. With its traditional Punjabi village themed ambience and authentic Punjabi cuisine, this place is affordable for a medium budget and offers every local charisma of a Punjabi dhaba in the heart of Punjab without the potential hygiene hassles of one. From the typical Saron Da Saag and Makki Di Roti to Dal Tadka, Karahi Paneer and Kheer Haveli’s vegetarian menu lays on the platter exquisitely cooked food burning with the aroma of pure desi ghee and the warmth of a completely “atithi devo bhava” kind of hospitality. And with the huge crowd it attracts, the place is handsomely affordable and easy on the pocket.

Fun Fact: While the facilities are 5-star, the entire restaurant is decorated to make it a virtual Punjab. Traditional kites, pankhis,swords etc as décor and folk music as accompaniment. Waiters dressed in tehmat-kurtas and phulkari jackets. And to top it all- a real truck inside the building, serving as an embellishment to all else.! Here’s to a 21st century makeover of the dhaba!

For those stray lovers of the night who like to linger after the city has retired, Zaika is a 24 hour coffee lounge. A perfect spot for hanging out whether it is with your own bunch of night walkers or alone with a book that’s been sitting in your backpack for too long. Sit with a coffee or delve into food, after a long day of travel in the mind numbing wildness of the Goan culture, this is the perfect place to be if sleep does the dodge.

Fun Fact: Contemporary interior décor and the serene ambience of the place will remind a book lover of their good old British Council days. Only, in a less strict, much more fun way.

So folks out there who enjoy a good night’s spree,                                                                                                                             

Or merely keep odd hours like me                                                                                                                                     

Often finding themselves wishing for a place to be.                                                                                                      

Come along for a magical night out.                                                                                                                                

We’ll look to ends of the earth and see.                                                                                                                   

There are many a haunt out there and always will be,                                                                                                                                    

with a platter for everyone’s poison.                                                                                                                                   

Be it food, fun or serenity. 

Contributed by Ateendriya

Ateendriya A literature kid at Lady Shri Ram, DU Combine crazy geek with a yen for writing and photography and you'll get something resembling me. A dabbler by nature it feels at times that I have more interests than I can keep up with. Literature is what I professionally follow- mostly because of my love for writing, partly because it gives me enough time for my dabbling tendencies. Travel writing is one of those dream jobs that I one day wish to make a career out of, because it combines two of my best interests. I have an undying love for gadgets, books and languages- self trained in basic Japanese and bits of Korean, and on the side, I'm an avid science hobbyist- from quantum physics to the genome project- just about everything interests me. Writing however, like I've enough emphasized, remains the uncontested first and strongest passion- fiction, non-fiction or words dripping in sarcasm - it's all me.