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So my dad always blames the females of the house of being the ones who hike up his credit card balance every time we travel. I bet he will be proud to read what I have to say in this article about how to save up on that extra buck while on a vacation during Peak Season! For the ladies, no you don’t have to give up shopping. Just be sure to use your batting eyelashes and sweet sounding voice to BARGAIN! It works! Also, don’t be in a hurry to buy things. Move on. You will find a lot many shops selling the same things at much lower prices in the market!

When we travel for a week or two, we tend to spend on primarily two things: Living and well, Travelling! Easy solutions for both: Every tourist place has beautiful outskirts. Explore them for a place to live. Hotels/motels in the outskirts (away from the “Hot Spots”) tend to be cheaper and good value for money! Also, in places like North Goa, families offer a room or two for rent to tourists for as many days as they want it for! Such a system of rented rooms works quite often in your favor rather than a hotel! This takes care of your living cost. Now, for the travel,RENT a car! Or if you are more adventurous, rent a bike! You will see how much you will enjoy exploring a new place all by yourself instead of travelling in the “oh-so-expensive” taxis!

Now to gratify your concerns of how to explore a new place on your won, simple advice! Do your HOMEWORK and carry a MAP! Before visiting a place, it is not only useful but also an enriching experience to carry on your own mini research about the museums/monuments/beaches/hills/temples to be visited in a place. Be systematic, make a list and plan out your route using a map of the city. If you are too busy to do that, ask your kids to do it! You will be surprised to see how good a planner would your daughter or son be! Doing your homework also takes care of the need of a guide who can sometimes be quite an irritation during your trip! Be your own guide!

And last but not the least, be an early riser and book your tickets EARLY! Last minute rush to places not only reduces your chances of being able to get there at all but also increases the amount that you pay for your flight/train ticket! So you see, it is not really women who spend more! They are also capable of giving some good suggestions to go easy on your pocket, like this one here!

Contributed by Akanksha Mittal

I believe in exploring the myriad aspects of life and the world through poetry, painting, travel and well, writing about things that I find worth sharing. My explorations take me to different places, sometimes in the inner realms of my mind and sometimes the not so known destinations. When I want to do something important, I head out into the city of Delhi, trying out the little eateries in the nooks and crannies, the monuments, art galleries and museums littered around in places. A mathematics enthusiast who wishes to own a house on a beach and have a boat of my own, that’s me.