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Snack Joints near DU’s North Campus

It is very obvious to say that food is the necessity of life and one cannot imagine surviving without it. What if the significance of food in this context get replaced by the term snack. Well this how a life of an exhausted college student works. Between long tedious lectures and no-clue seminars, snacks and spicy food items are the only things that keep an occupied student going. With a massive student crowd within its territory, the North campus of Delhi university is also popular for its snack joints.

Social events, lectures and delicious snack joints define the lifestyle of North campus of Delhi. The northern territory of the university is blessed by a string of snack joints which witness an outburst of college students throughout the year. With their soaring popularity, these snack joints have become a must to visit spot. Here are a few local food joints near North campus which will electrify your taste buds.


Momo Point, Kamla Nagar, Delhi: Various seasons come and go but the trend of Momos remains forever. The evergreen trend of momos is best to celebrate with the Momo point. The momo point is a simple snack paradise which attends to loads of campus crowd. Considered as the hot spot for some Indo-Chinese mix, the momo joint is a sheer treat for your taste buds. From special steamed chicken momos to crispy chilly potatoes, the snack joint remains buzzing with foodies.



QD’s restaurant, Hudson Lane, Kingsway camp, Delhi: Here is another famous momo joint meant to admire. Do not be fooled by the restaurant tag, as its food is no less delicious than any renowned street joint. College goers usually come here to gorge onto some Tandoori momos and other delicious North Indian cuisines. The restaurant is also a dine-in spot where one can relax and enjoy some tongue twisting Chinese cuisines.


Chache di hatti, Kamla Nagar, Delhi: With a desi tadka on its name, the food joint has been serving the foodies for quite a long time. The joint is the perfect spot to enjoy some mouth-watering Chhole Bhature. The Chhole Bhature served here has a discrete taste of its own which is sure to make your taste buds come alive. Long queue of college students waiting for their Chhole Bhature is a common sight here. Look out for some Rajma or Cholle chawal as well.


Instant Noodles, Maurice Nagar Chowk, Delhi (close to Ramjas College): If noodles are your regular alternative to breakfast or Lunch, then Tom Uncle’s instant noodles is a must to visit spot for you. This noodle joint is believed to be decade old and is the most familiar and popular joint among college goers. The varieties of noodles served here have a unique taste of their own which compels the foodies to come here again for more.


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