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The Mount Harriet of Andaman Islands

One of the easiest places to visit in India without actually crossing the ocean is Mount Harriet. Situated in the Andaman Islands, it is known to be the highest point above sea level within the archipelago. What I’m trying to

Assorted Shades of India

The brilliance of traveling can be a noisy episode or a moment of complete peace. In both the cases, it is important what kind of traveler one is and what is ones company. The middle class Indian traveler tends to

Life’s a Beach

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour, but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.” Life is a beach for every tourist, traveler, backpacker, and photographer.

Living on the Edge

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” -Heller Keller For a traveller, nothing rings truer than this. Whether your heart lies on the land, in the sea, or in the stratosphere, life offers some form of adrenaline rush for everyone.

For the Bravehearts!

Skiing at Narkanda (Himachal Pradesh): In the breathtakingly beautiful Himalayan land, the Narkanda district lying very close to Simla is where you have your tryst with snow. With the Skiing prices ranging from Rs. 2,000 to around Rs. 5,000, lodging