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Music that Makes your Journey!

If there is one thing that is inevitable in all my journeys, it is my iPod. I remember when it used to be just a walkman first, and I used to buy a dozen batteries for it before I set

Not Just Another Random Hill Station

So, here we were playing cards on a hot Saturday afternoon when suddenly this guy blurts out, “let’s go to Munnar!” Okay, ‘this guy’ here is one of my closest friends and the kind of person who I wouldn’t listen

The Silver Lining

Lord Buddha may have said that “It is better to travel well than to arrive” but, if after an arduous struggle with the spiraling mountain roads and rugged emptiness, a patch of soothing comfort welcomes one to the destination, then

Sights and Sands of Sandakphu

Perched atop the state of West Bengal much like a coronet of mists, Darjeeling is a haloed portal for every lover of nature and every aficionado of adventure. The endearing bounds of mountains, the pristine white expanses of snow, the

Click A Few Masterpieces in Life

If you ask me to suggest a beautiful place that you can extract onto your photographs well, I personally think each spot on earth has its own uniqueness and exquisiteness. The places which are appealing to me may not be