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Best places to visit within 100 kms from Bangalore

Bangalore has a transparent image of a commercialized city which clearly knows how to spent a day off from its hectic work schedule. The city offers a lot of options to look up to for a lazy weekend or a

Breakfast Spots in Bangalore

The town of Bangalore is often referred as the technology hub of the country and is stuffed by both migrated and residential techies. Even with a hectic work life, the city takes care of its morning appetite. Serving health to

Near the Blanket of Clouds

It feels blissful when a simple planned trip gives you a surprising opportunity to visit a place which was never a part of your planned itinerary. For a die-hard traveler, it is nothing less than hitting a jackpot. The best

Admist the Ruins

Series of temples built in 14-15 century still standing bold admits the boulder in northern Karnataka is a delightful sight. This small Vijaynagar empire holds a different tranquility for its visitors. If you areĀ archaeologist, or a historian or just the

Chewing Gum Conundrum

These days wherever you travel one recurrent theme would be that mouths of the so-called upward mobile, especially the teenagers blissfully chewing away the gum in their mouths. It is presumed to be rather a cool thing to do, and