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Feasts of the East

The fame of south Indian food is unmatched in Delhi. From mouth watering wada to my favorite dosa, the city has become the base for the Second South. The fan following of the south Indian food though seems to be

A Rush Of Vermillion And Love

“I never know how to explain them that to a Bengali, religion consists of much more than shouting Jai Shri Ram or pulling down somebody’s mosque. It has little to do with meaningless ritual or sinister political activity. The essence

My Chalsa Vacation

“Over the wintry forest, winds howl in rage with no leaves to blow…” ~Natsume Soseki True, the greens are hardly to be seen nowadays. Sprawling malls and glitzy locales are imperceptibly replacing the favorite old getaways. But the charm of

Spreading the Love

The festival of Rakhi has to have a special corner in every Indian’s heart. The unconditional love and spirit of brotherhood fostered in the culture is truly remarkable in every sense of the word. Having been brought up in a

Horror Travel Story

“Into the enclave of pain and death, it is a land of twisted power, its armies marching in colossal terror, A haunting presence every hour…”~ Decipher Ziron When gallivanting through the myriad portals of travel, one seldom anticipates more than