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Enrique In Town

You can’t possibly imagine the swell of excitement that took over me when I heard that Enrique is coming to Delhi. Of course he had come eight years back. But I was too little to know who he was and

Admist the Ruins

Series of temples built in 14-15 century still standing bold admits the boulder in northern Karnataka is a delightful sight. This small Vijaynagar empire holds a different tranquility for its visitors. If you are archaeologist, or a historian or just the

DTC in Noida

Not that they’ve become my most preferred mode of travel now, but before entering into college,the prospect of travelling by bus gave me jitters. Congested, dirty, over-spilling, to sum it all up in a single word, bachpan bus rides always

A Priceless Affair

Travel is a luxury many of us may not be able to afford at all times, but a book is a treasure that can avail us that luxury at any given point of time. The Calcutta Book Fair initially held

Conversations Over Chai

A typical college student. Living in the heart of the city of Calcutta. Living on restaurant food. Living with friends. Most importantly, living on an allowance. You do the math. Couldn’t add up to anything but a rather shamefully light