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Assorted Shades of India

The brilliance of traveling can be a noisy episode or a moment of complete peace. In both the cases, it is important what kind of traveler one is and what is ones company. The middle class Indian traveler tends to

Live Camera Action!

When the life gets tough and things get queasy, take a movie break. My non-working friend group which officially includes me as well has been following this virtue for quite a long time now. Movies are not just a mere

The Lip-Smacking Pakwaan Festival

After the recent havoc which dear Dengue played with my system, I had consciously subjected myself to consuming home-cooked and healthy food. Five months down the line and with my system thankfully recuperating brilliantly (touchwood!), it was high time to

A Vegetarian Spread!

It is a truth universally acknowledged and practiced by most non-vegetarian gormandizers that whenever they have food outside, all or the majority of the food items that they order is a non-vegetarian spread. And as far as I am specifically

Take a Flight

Ever since I decided to join for college in Delhi, airports have become my second home. The scramble for admissions took me to so many destinations and so many airports. I fly so frequently especially between Delhi and Cochin that