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My Chalsa Vacation

“Over the wintry forest, winds howl in rage with no leaves to blow…” ~Natsume Soseki True, the greens are hardly to be seen nowadays. Sprawling malls and glitzy locales are imperceptibly replacing the favorite old getaways. But the charm of


I still remember the long drives from Cochin to Bangalore. Travelling in itself was so much of fun. Packing for a long vacation, piling into the car all sleepy eyed at five in the morning and sleeping off until the

Courage Test Blues

Remember when we were little, and Cartoon Network was our best friend? Wasn’t that long ago now was it? So then, remember that poor pinkish purple dog with fear issues who was ironically stuck with a name like “Courage”? Yea,

Spirituality Re-visited

When I was little my parents took me to Puri- we’re talking really little here, barely 5 or 6. It must have been a week-long trip, from what I have been told and from what I remember. Recently, we made

Bachpan Expedition

My parents claim that we’ve been to Mumbai and I still have no clue as to when that happened. Indeed, recalling childhood trips which you took when you were probably four or five are rare to come by. Though undoubtedly,