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The Ranzor Palace of Nahan

There are few enchanting destinations in India which may be at the most visible location but still unfortunately get unnoticed. These locations do not get a fair portion of a tourist’s admiration. Such is the tale of the beautiful town

Hill Station of Khajjiar

There is hardly any scope to opt for any overseas vacation when our very own country keeps our itinerary and schedule full. The striking grace of India doesn’t let the tourist’s attention get diverted to destinations outside its territory. With

Adventure Destinations in India

Twisted terrains, challenging climbs, rising altitudes; these are some of the traits which gladly define an adventure trip. For avid yatries, adventurous activities some time come as complementary with the joy of traveling. There are a bunch of destinations in

The Tea Gardens of Palampur

The states belonging to the northern territory of India occupy a major volume of fame and popularity than any of its fellow regions. The friendly atmosphere and striking natural beauty keep the Northern part of India buzzing with tourists. The

The attractive vibe of Jubbal

With water stream comes waterfalls and with altitude comes nature’s graceful touch. As one goes in the regions high above the ground, the nature’s most stunning visage slowly unravels itself to its admirer. There are various high altitude spots in