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Pretty in Pink

Every year, towards the end of January, Diggi Palace in the city of Jaipur hosts the Jaipur Literature Festival. Writers, poets, academics, actors, musicians, lyricists and still more categories of artists descend from all parts of the world to celebrate

My Museum Memoir

Forts, palaces and museums are the favourite hotspots on the list of any tourist guide and correspondingly a big no-no when it comes to me. It is no less than a history lesson, not that I don’t enjoy exploring new

Lit Fea(a)st-ed!

Thanks to the GK books, off which we rote learnt in the good ole school days, the sobriquet Pink City of India has remained etched in our brain cells till date. Jaipur, replete with its picturesque palaces epitomizing grandeur, has

In & Out of Pink City

A Picture Voyage across the Pink City “Jaipur”.

Gigantic Grandiose

Rajasthan –  The images that come into one’s head are those of sand dunes, massive forts and palaces, and the royal majestic elephants. Perhaps the picture perfect Orient! The Elephant Festival of Jaipur offers the most splendid opportunity to witness and experience