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The Shiroli Peak of Dandeli

Wildlife, green pastures, adventure activities and numerous other options packed in one destination is a deal which is hard to find. With a refreshing weather as starter, Dandeli serves you an unforgettable treat mixed with the above ingredients. The town

The Fort and Caves of Badami

The towns interlaced with the stories of its rulers possess a mysterious attractive force which tends to grow curiosity within us. These towns might have been abandoned by the past ruler but their legacy still prevails in the form of

Best Monsoon Destinations in India

Raincoats and umbrellas may be a best way to welcome the mesmerizing monsoon but a trip to an enchanting destination is a perfect way to enjoy it. After a phase of steaming summer heat, a trip to your favorite monsoon

The horse-faced Kudremukh

Every word in the Hindu literature beholds a deeper and clearer meaning which is bound to attract interest. A similar spell of interest gets over the travelers whenever they come across a destination which has an interesting definition. Belonging to

Patches of Interest

There are few places which are simply meant to be revisited just for the sake of old times. The memories that one has with such a place just not gets settle completely until they are relived one more time. On