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The College Street of Kolkata

When one travels to another part of the country every two months, it is but natural that your company for travel will change and change again. And sometimes, you have no one to share those experiences with but yourself. Every

Assorted Shades of India

The brilliance of traveling can be a noisy episode or a moment of complete peace. In both the cases, it is important what kind of traveler one is and what is ones company. The middle class Indian traveler tends to

Bring home Unforgettable Memories

There are times when friends and family coax me to divulge details about my travels and I often wonder how can I possibly sum up the character of the destination in words. With so little time to share all the

A Priceless Affair

Travel is a luxury many of us may not be able to afford at all times, but a book is a treasure that can avail us that luxury at any given point of time. The Calcutta Book Fair initially held

Conversations Over Chai

A typical college student. Living in the heart of the city of Calcutta. Living on restaurant food. Living with friends. Most importantly, living on an allowance. You do the math. Couldn’t add up to anything but a rather shamefully light