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The Monastery Effect!

Most of the Buddhist monasteries across our country are embedded with the strings of peace and serenity. The ambiance has a unique medicinal effect (referring it as the monastery effect) on the human soul. It probably may be the height

The Masked Lamas

Colors have their own arena in the heart and mind of human beings. They have their own unique bright full grace which somehow catches the eye and serves as soothingly enjoyable. The festival of Holi surely has colors as its

On the World’s Roof

3 Idiots ignited a vision, the stunning locales of Jab Tak Hai Jaan reminded me of the passion again. The desire to visit Ladakh-the coldest desert in the world!. As the highest inhabited land in the world, it holds a

Juvenile Joys

“How sad and bad and mad it was – but then, how it was sweet” ~ Robert Browning Indeed it was the best of times and but not the worst of times. We had everything with us and indeed nothing

Wheeling your Way to Ladakh

A near 500 kilometres is no mere distance to cover on wheels, be it by car or a bike, given such circumstances as cold weather, possible snowfall and occasional-yes, brace you – landslides. But when the fruits of hard work