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Adventure Destinations in India

Twisted terrains, challenging climbs, rising altitudes; these are some of the traits which gladly define an adventure trip. For avid yatries, adventurous activities some time come as complementary with the joy of traveling. There are a bunch of destinations in

5 Hidden Gems of India

With a beeline of tourists visiting and adoring its beauty every year, India barely resembles anything that is yet hidden from the outside world. The country is bestowed with a fascinating series of exclusive destinations which can make any one

Splendorous Palaces

It is really hard to live a royal life (figuratively)considering the mighty inflation in our country. The spending can be controlled but the desires still persist. One may not have the financial capability to set up a royal structure but

Shelter of the Pandavas

History bluntly defines the ups and down of the ancient monarch era but in India it reflects more of our culture. It is a well known fact that there are various places in our country whose presence has been respectfully

Up in the Woods

Every one lives underneath the blending mixture of cement, iron and bricks (pardon the weak details) commonly known as a building and which we call our humble homes. No matter how many new destination one explores, one ultimately ends up