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The Fort of Panhala

There might have been a strong reason behind attaching a pre-word “maha” along with the name of a legendary place. Well on analysis of its deeper interiors, the state of Maharashtra and its name seems fairly justified. The state is

Adventure Destinations in India

Twisted terrains, challenging climbs, rising altitudes; these are some of the traits which gladly define an adventure trip. For avid yatries, adventurous activities some time come as complementary with the joy of traveling. There are a bunch of destinations in

Trekking in Malshej Ghat

Die hard adventurers never get enough of hiking or trekking with their adrenalin refusing to settle down. There is no other better way to satisfy the thirst for adventure other than heading out for the hilly terrains. Hill stations in

Best Monsoon Destinations in India

Raincoats and umbrellas may be a best way to welcome the mesmerizing monsoon but a trip to an enchanting destination is a perfect way to enjoy it. After a phase of steaming summer heat, a trip to your favorite monsoon

Outstanding ambiance of Igatpuri

Its amazing how weather swings from its one mood to another as soon as you touch an unfamiliar ground. We witnessed a similar experience when we entered the land of Igatpuri. Unlike its neighboring regions, the town had an attractive