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Man proposes,God disposes!

It is a fact I have well established by my experience and laziness that despite living in the capital city with its numerous places of attraction, the top rated tourist spots of Delhi are the ones which I can claim

Memoirs of a Traveler

Memories are captured in our minds but the picture is limited to oneself only. Photos are essential to cherish the moments that you wish to live forever. Many people have many out of the ordinary hobbies like cooking or photography.

Life In A Metro

Living in a metropolitan city is a dream that beckons many. Every year millions flock into the cities of India. In this fast paced life, one has to stay ahead. Metro is one such mode of transport which fulfills its

Less Money, Lots of Time

The Grandeur of Tarang Three days of consecutive fun, entertainment galore and a breeze for the pocket. Ain’t  no prize for guessing! What else could spell fun like a college fest, eh? With LSR’s College Fest 2012 looming ahead, I

Hungry & Low on Cash ?

The feeling when you jump the walls of the boarding school in the middle of the night after the warden and all the school authorities have slept, the pump of adrenaline when you sneak out of your dorm with your